YouTube street fighter Kimbo Slice loses in 14 seconds against Seth Petruzelli

News: 14 seconds. That’s all it took. Kimbo Slice, who became famous fighting on YouTube, lost in stunning fashion, getting basically knocked out (TKO) in just 14 seconds against Seth Petruzelli, who was a last minute substitute for Ken Shamrock (who cut himself warming up).

: CBS had done a lot of promoting Kimbo Slice. Who knows what will happen next. It appears that the scouting report on Kimbo Slice was right: while he may be a street fighter, he was not really a mixed martial artist with the kind of skills to get in the ring. You can watch the press conference by clicking here. Kimbo Slice sounded pretty easy-going and even a likable, family guy!! Here’s a photo of Kimbo’s black eye, which proves that the fight wasn’t faked.

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6 Responses to YouTube street fighter Kimbo Slice loses in 14 seconds against Seth Petruzelli

  1. sam says:

    Kimbo is a has been at best and a never was in my opinion. He has been promoted far above his abilities. To get beat so quickly by a mid range fighter. This in the begining of the end of kimbo. Lets get back to real fighters in the main events please.

    Kimbo, good luck in the WWE where you should have gone in the first place.

  2. Kevin says:

    Kimbo sucks. If you watch his last fight against Thompson he lost that as well
    in my opinion. He was being destroyed in the second round pinned against
    the cage for well over 30 seconds without ansewring back. In any other MMA
    promotion that fight would have been stopped. They wanted Kimbo to win so
    the reff let it go until the round ended. Then Thompson with no gas left in the
    tank gets beats… Kimbo is about marketing not his ability to fight. In Kimbos
    street fights they also had a lot of rules. No kicking on top of other things. He
    at least at this point would get beat in any other promotion by its top fighters.

  3. ron says:

    Watch it again. He falls down after a weak and glancing front kick. Then, he absorbs a bunch of arm punches without doing anything. No disrespect to Petruzelli, but this wasn’t a knockout. Hate to say it was fixed, but…???

  4. utubeblog says:

    There’s no way it was fixed. Kimbo Slice losing was the worst thing business wise for Elite XTC and CBS. Now they have no marquee name at all. Also, didn’t you see the huge cut and black eye Kimbo had afterwards? It looked pretty nasty.

  5. Sam says:

    I too don’t think it was fixeD. I just think Kimbo isn’t that good and is to old. Peteuzelli even step up into a higher weight class in this fight and gave up 30+ pounds to Kimbo.

    As far as XTC and CBS next marquee fighter… Tito Ortiz….

  6. burak says:

    kimbo has a lot of potential because of his strength and ability to take punches… seth’s karate allows him to have power from short ranges. he dropped bob sapp with a left jab, so this was definitely expected. they’re both natural athletes and seth has a lot of power to his punch as well. his experience was more than kimbo’s obviously and they were both mixed up before the fight… however seth has a lot of experience fighting boxers so he just did what he always did and out techniqued kimbo

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