Obama ad questions McCain’s negative “sleazy” ads

The video is titled “Honor.”

Karl Rove seemed to agree that some of McCain’s ads go too far in distorting the truth.

Here’s a video on YouTube critiquing some of McCain’s ads:

Analysis: Whichever candidate you support, it’s hard to like the mudslinging and distortions in the negative ads.  When our economy is in trouble, the mudslinging is an insult to all Americans, especially the middle class and working class people who are trying to make ends meet.

4 Responses to Obama ad questions McCain’s negative “sleazy” ads

  1. kolchak33 says:

    A great deal of hypocrisy comes into play when Obama slings mud just as much, if not more, as McCain. Case in point: the recent Obama ad that criticized McCain for not knowing how to use a computer, when in reality McCain doesn’t because he cannot type on a keyboard due to war injuries.

    All of these minor smears are moot when it comes to the key issues, and I think the recent collapses on Wall Street will have both candidates reassessing their campaign tactics.

  2. Roy says:

    Gov. Palin I would think that the women of this country and the world would want to stop the wars that kill their sons and daughters. However, what I am seeing are mothers and women of the baby boomer generation giving away everything worthwhile, so they can say we have a woman as Vice President in the white house. In addition, giving McCain the opportunity to kill off their children. Let us face it; McCain will continue the war, hate and division that cause this country to be in the mess that we are presently facing. The lies that Bush has brought about due to his lack of leadership has cost this country more than we can afford, hurt more than we can bare and keep us distracted from what is important. In addition, the world sees us as incompetents; being spell bound by You Gov Palin is a disaster for us all. Having a woman as vice president is not as important, as feeding your family and being able to watch your children grow in a loving caring United States of America environment. We need better health care, better schools, and more jobs in addition leaders who do what they say. Do you really believe McCain will do right? We do not need more disasters. No more imported Lawbreakers, no more lost of homes no more fail economy no more having the rest of the word trying to kill our children future. And most assuredly no McCain.

  3. bluetridog says:

    “Can’t type on a keyboard due to war injuries”? Give me a break. He doesn’t use the computer because he doesn’t want to and has plenty of people taking care of things for him so unlike most of us that find a computer a necessity he simply lets someone else do his stuff. I do agree, however, that there is much more that is much worse about McCain and much more relevant with respect to why he will just continue the failed polcies of the Republicans. I mean, isn’t it obvious that the idea that you don’t need to regulate business because they will do the right thing doesn’t work or that the idea that if you keep giving more money to the super wealthy it will actually help the middle class because it will trickle down to them is nothing but a lie and an attempt to justify gentrification of this country.

  4. ab says:

    Negative adds tells us that McCain has no vision. That is the question that is raised when someone chooses to run 100% negative adds in times when vision is needed.

    What when he is whinning the election he whould be president he will also seeks negative war solutions for the USA

    Only bad leaders and regimes run negative adds and solution. History an China, Old Russia Hitler Germany are endless examples of these conspiracy ennemy and racial solutions. Cynically the intensify when the leader actually needs vision and got stuck. Negative adds show no respect and that is the basis of bad regime like racism.

    Good luck and it is your task as a journalist to fight for decency. A lot of people in the world watch and see that USA looses respect amoung the leaders and therefore it is hard to respect the USA. Please USA, show respect and guide us. We need each other.

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