McCain camp waiting to launch Sarah Palin video on YouTube–is she on hold?

News: The McCain camp apparently has posted a video of VP candidate Sarah Palin on YouTube, but has kept it private so far. The video has been up for 1 day already.

Analysis: So what does this mean? Hard to say. Maybe YouTube messed up or someone in McCain’s camp did.

Or McCain’s camp could be testing out the video on different viewers to see if they like it first before launching it. But it’s been over 4 days since the announcement, so that seems odd. Or McCain could be waiting for Palin’s speech tomorrow night to launch the video. Or maybe the McCain camp is too tied up with the hurricane, RNC, and putting out the fires about Palin to launch the video on YouTube. Whatever the reason, if I were McCain’s people, I would just launch the video now.

UPDATE: Wow, is someone from McCain’s camp reading this blog? Sure enough, in the past hour, they just made public the video that has been up since yesterday privately.


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