John McCain’s negative ad compares Barack Obama to Moses + Jesus, mockingly called “The One”

August 1, 2008

News: The McCain camp continues its onslaught of negative ads aimed solely at attacking Barack Obama, instead of defining John McCain’s own character. The one above is filled with religious overtones of “The One”–you can insert the word “chosen” or “annointed” in there. The ad below insinuates that Barack Obama forgot about Latin America in his speech in Berlin.

The Obama camp has responded once about the “Low Road” tactics of the McCain camp with the video below.

Brave New Pac also has a response ad to McCain’s negative ads:

Analysis: That’s 8 negative attack ads from the McCain camp against Obama in the last 2 weeks. These negative ads have generated several million views on YouTube and are, by far, John McCain’s most viewed videos thus far. The Obama camp has only 1 video response so far to these attack ads.

UPDATE: Sure enough, the Obama camp has fired enough another response to McCain’s negative ads.  The negative ads may be backfiring on McCain.  Apparently, they may be helping to increase donations and volunteers to Obama. Here’s David Plouffe, the campaign manager speaking: