Mediaset sues YouTube in Italy for copyright infringement

News: YouTube was sued again for copyright infringement, this time by Mediaset in Italy for allegedly infringing its programs in 4,643 unauthorized clips on YouTube. Mediaset seek 500 million Euros ($779 million US). More.

Analysis: YouTube already faces 2 major copyright lawsuits in the U.S. (one by Viacom for $1 billion and a class action lawsuit, both in NY). YouTube also was sued by Telecinco in Spain, and some news reports indicate that YouTube lost. The lawsuit in Italy just adds to YouTube’s headaches. The U.S. cases will test the scope of the DMCA safe harbors. I am not sure whether Spain and Italy have any comparable safe harbor.

One Response to Mediaset sues YouTube in Italy for copyright infringement

  1. A McI says:

    Ignoring copyright, just because lot of others do, could prove to be a nasty sting in the tail for violators of all sizes and colors. ‘I’m not the only one’ is no protection in law. There are a few changes required in terms of attitudes, legal practice and services, but the legislation’s there; it just needs put into practice.
    First, registering copyright needs to be made easier. Look at the US copyright office. At $30 a pop and a gut load of form filling, the whole thing’s a chore and unviable for the digital age. Millions of people write blogs, create and frequently update websites, write reports for work and email them out to colleagues, or post photos or video on utube and the likes. Even if they’re not publishing houses, they don’t want someone ripping them off and taking credit or even earning money off their backs. There have been Flickr forum complaints that ‘reputable’ magazines have been pulling photos off the site,
    ignoring the photographer’s copyright claim, removing watermarks and publishing them. It’s blatant, it’s widespread, but that doesn’t mean they’ll gett away with it. Five, ten, or more years down the line, they can still be sued for infringement.
    What’s needed is a new approach. The US copyright office, as it stands, is a real dinosaur. Guys like are stepping in to fill the void. Basic level’s free, register anything from avatars to email in a matter of seconds. What we need now is a tie-in with some savvy lawyers who are willing to step up and earn
    themselves a place in history by offering to pursue some cases on a no win, no fee basis.
    So what do we do now? The lawyers will need clear evidence of copyright ownership (hence the need to register) and a few screenshots/evidence of the infringing publication, preferably witnessed. The infringer should be informed they’re
    violating so post a letter or email to the publisher, ISP, whoever’s involved. If they’re using anonymity send it to the hosting company and insist the perpetrators identify themselves and prove they have rights to the works, unless the hosting company would prefer to shoulder the repsonsiblity for what they are hosting. No or unsatisfactory response. Repeat tow more times then register the replies or lack of them and notification letter as evidence too. Okay, you may have to wait till the process catches up and the lawsuits start flying, but revenge is sweet. Copyright law is valid, it just need to be set loose. Infringers beware!

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