McCain ad attempts to associate Barack Obama with Britney Spears + Paris Hilton

The ad is titled “Celeb.”  It seems like a stretch.  I wonder how Britney Spears and Paris Hilton feel about their images being used for a political campaign ad.

The Obama campaign has issued a response video titled “Low road,” referring to McCain’s negative ad.

UPDATE:  barelypolitical has come out with a response to McCain that shows John McCain running with Britney Spears.

9 Responses to McCain ad attempts to associate Barack Obama with Britney Spears + Paris Hilton

  1. exemployee says:

    Well, I think it is a great ad. He is afterall the proclaimed “Rock Star”. This is just showing how quickly you can rise…and how quickly you can fall.

  2. goodtimepolitics says:

    McCain must of heard about Obama’s silk panties! 🙂

  3. LeMonde says:

    John McCain is a flashback to the same old story! The simple minded approach to this election is an embarrasement to the intellect of American voters. It should be time for Americans to say no more. What is John McCain for? We know he’s against Barak, that is a no brainer? What is he for. Im afraid that McCain is a Flintstone!!

  4. mary ann says:

    actually this was really strange, like shooting yourself in the foot for mc cain to run this ad, we knew he had nothing to offer and now it is for certain, same old politics of the right wing republicans. He grasps at celebrity stars… I think I smell a little jealousy and I think that most americans will see this and at most be embarrassed for mc cain. boo hoo john

  5. Arlette Christine says:

    As a Republican, I am disappointed in the McCain ad… I believe in what Obama stands for… This country is in need of a change and the Republicans have done enough to this country…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thursday, July 31, 2008…

    Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States are the same? What? What? Did I miss part of the E True Hollywood story were Britney graduated Harvard Law where she became Editor of the Harvard Law Review an…

  7. Jim says:

    Being presidential means respecting and serving American citizens from all backgrounds. We know McCain does not respect or serve veterans since he does not support giving them VA benefits when they return home. He does not respect or serve people losing their homes, since he said people must take care of themselves, while he takes care of the banks and financial institutes. He does not respect the poor, since he said “no” to a universal health care program. He does not respect the working class, since he wants to continue to ship jobs oversees, even when it cost us jobs at home. The only people McCain wants to serve and protect are the oil companies and the rich. Say “No” to McCain, the man who called us a “Nation of Whiners.”

  8. Greg says:

    The Republican criminals who create and run ads like this are very insulting to the intelligence of the American populace. Even the uneducated, working class Whites this trash is directed toward should be very, very insulted. I will be so happy when these thugs are out of office.

  9. phoenix says:

    Is McCain really eligible to be President? He was born in Panama and therefore a Panamian citizen too. The Constitution has not been amended. The 1790 statute pertaining to citizenship did to amend the Constitution. I believe that it should be amended so individuals such as Arnold and others can run for President. Just because he served as a Prisoner of War does not qualify him to run for President.

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