Charlie Rose interview Gov. Tim Kaine — is Kaine the VP choice for Obama?

July 31, 2008

VIdeo here

UK committee says YouTube should police videos

July 31, 2008

News:  The Culture, Media, and Sport select committee in the UK has recommended that YouTube and other video sharing sites monitor their sites more proactively for inappropriate content, in order to protect kids.  (More)  Hat tip: techdirt.

Mediaset sues YouTube in Italy for copyright infringement

July 31, 2008

News: YouTube was sued again for copyright infringement, this time by Mediaset in Italy for allegedly infringing its programs in 4,643 unauthorized clips on YouTube. Mediaset seek 500 million Euros ($779 million US). More.

Analysis: YouTube already faces 2 major copyright lawsuits in the U.S. (one by Viacom for $1 billion and a class action lawsuit, both in NY). YouTube also was sued by Telecinco in Spain, and some news reports indicate that YouTube lost. The lawsuit in Italy just adds to YouTube’s headaches. The U.S. cases will test the scope of the DMCA safe harbors. I am not sure whether Spain and Italy have any comparable safe harbor.

McCain ad attempts to associate Barack Obama with Britney Spears + Paris Hilton

July 31, 2008

The ad is titled “Celeb.”  It seems like a stretch.  I wonder how Britney Spears and Paris Hilton feel about their images being used for a political campaign ad.

The Obama campaign has issued a response video titled “Low road,” referring to McCain’s negative ad.

UPDATE:  barelypolitical has come out with a response to McCain that shows John McCain running with Britney Spears.