McCain ads against Obama gain viewers on YouTube

News: This week, the McCain camp has launched a series of ads against Barack Obama. Compared to McCain’s earlier videos, these videos appear to be doing very well on YouTube, getting thousands of views. I hope to get another full report on the candidates’ videos on YouTube in the near future.

Obama Love ad mocking the media for coverage of Obama

“Pump” ad blaming Obama for high gas prices

Troop funding ad against Obama

Iraq video against Obama


2 Responses to McCain ads against Obama gain viewers on YouTube

  1. lina says:

    there should be more ads that shows Obama in his own words flip flopping.

  2. Jes Meonly says:

    Oh, right, McBush… Obama’s the one who’s “not ready to lead”. Remember your last P/R trip to Baghdad– when you were guarded by no less than a full company of Marines, but glibly told the TV camera’s that the neighborhoods were “safe” to walk through?

    Wasn’t that the same trip where you said it was “common knowledge” that (Shiite) Iran was training (Sunni) Al Qaeda extremists; and then had to be prodded by your buddy Lieberman to correct that egregious goofup? (Kind of like waltzing through Dublin and accusing the Protestants of training IRA terrorists, don’t ya think?)

    And wasn’t it you who compared occupying that hostile, Muslim territory “for 100 years if necessary” to the voluntary, invited, collateral defense of Japan, Korea, and NATO Europe during the cold war?

    Give me “naïve” ol’ Obama any day, you shallow, political hypocrite.

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