Shazam is the best app for the iPhone (music identifier) — is this magic or what?

You have to see it to believe it. Shazam is like magic. When the app is put onto the iPhone (which you can do free), the program will listen to any music recording playing in the room — yes, you heard that right! Talk about a clever way to spy on people in the future through their iPhones, but that’s another review.

Shazam then will identify the music that is playing by title and artist, plus give you links to iTunes to buy the music and the video on YouTube. This is so wickedly unbelievable and cool!

BTW, this technology does suggest that finding copyright infringement on the Internet should be far easier than the music industry lets on.

Off topic, but check out this restaurant review:

3 Responses to Shazam is the best app for the iPhone (music identifier) — is this magic or what?

  1. Hannibal Odisho says:

    The app is amazing, but I wonder how well it will work with much more difficult material. All the music he played, including the death metal stuff, is well represented in the demographic that uses the iPhone and, presumably, Shazam. However, I wonder how well the app would work in recognizing classical, jazz, or even film scores – stuff thats not going to be as widely listened to as the genres he played.

  2. Carlos says:

    Verizon has the Vcast Song ID which does the same. Pretty cool!!

  3. Alan Wray says:

    We used it the other night when a friend showed it to me and it was pulling up old old country music songs from the 40s and 50s…..

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