Eric Schmidt interview by Ken Auletta of The New Yorker

News: Eric Schmidt again admits that Google hasn’t figured out a way to monetize YouTube. The video of the interview by Ken Auletta is located here.  Click here for a news summary.

Analysis:  CNET’s Don Reisinger has a pretty scathing review:

“Let’s face it — the YouTube acquisition was a major blunder and regardless of how successful the company is in other areas, there’s no reason to suggest advertisers are willing and ready to place ads on videos of 18-year olds shooting milk out their nose or 80-year old men mooning a parade.

“As far as I can tell, much of the online advertising money is going to sites like Hulu where the content is controlled, the shows are regulated, and the demographics of the audience are easily obtained.

“How does YouTube and its content compare? The audience is huge, but it’s filled with a diverse set of people who generally view a select few of the more popular videos; the videos are barely regulated; and the content isn’t controlled in the least. Why should any advertiser want to send cash to a service like that? * * *

“Will YouTube become the dump of advertising where strip clubs and brothels will advertise on sexually-oriented videos and unknown politicians will sell themselves on left- or right-leaning clips? I certainly don’t see Johnson and Johnson sending ad dollars to YouTube anytime soon.”

One Response to Eric Schmidt interview by Ken Auletta of The New Yorker

  1. andy says:

    ok google providing everyone details to riaa ohh dear me in uk thats breach of data protection act, protection of minors oh dear me , well google i think you may be going to jail, as the laws in the uk you will be breaking, you cannot rerlase a persons detials withoout there express permission or a warrant , and you cannot look at there data without either. uk dat protection act

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