Please support the Rachel Widomski medical trust

June 5, 2008

Request for help: Rachel Widomski is a 28-year-old Ohio State art student who was a bartender at Haiku restaurant (and also BlueFish and Paul Liu’s restaurant) in Columbus. A couple weeks ago, Rachel was severely injured in a horrible crime when a man reportedly drove over her and Haiku’s co-owner Julie Liu as he tried to flee the parking lot of the restaurant in his Jeep without paying his bill. A local paper reported that “Widomski’s spine was broken in two places and crushed in others, which will leave her hospitalized for months and paralyzed for life.”

Many caring people in the community have organized ways for people to help Rachel and her long term medical care. For more information, visit

1. Donations to the Rachel Widomski Medical Trust Fund can be made online at Donations can also be made at any Huntington Bank.

2. If you are in Columbus this weekend (June 6-8), several events before, during, and after the Gallery Hop will conduct fundraising for Rachel:

Friday-Sunday, June 6-8

Tip Drive

A portion of tips received by servers from more than a dozen bars and restaurants in the Short North and Downtown areas will be donated to the fundraising effort, and over 20 area businesses will have donation buckets on hand.

Saturday, June 7

Silent Art Auction

6-10 p.m. at the Art Exchange. All proceeds from the sale of artwork will go to Widomski’s recovery fund.

Reflection Area

6-10 p.m. at the corner of Russell and North High streets

An empty storefront in the heart of the Short North will hold tributes to Widomski, updates on the victims’ condition and an additional donation site.

Benefit Concert

6:30-11:30 p.m. at the corner of North High Street and Hubbard Avenue. Five local acts will fill a stage set up across the street from Haiku.

5:30 pm – DJ True Skills
6:00 pm – Bob Ray Starker
7:00 pm – Megan Palmer
8:00 pm – Karate Coyote
9:00 pm – Paper Airplane
10:00 pm – Two Cow Garage

Sunday, June 8

“Big Night” 4 p.m. at Studio 35

All ticket proceeds from the Clintonville cinema’s one-time screening of the popular restaurant comedy will go to the cause.

For video of a news report, click here.

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