Steve Ballmer gets egged; Gary Kasparov gets flying penis

May 21, 2008

Was there a full moon or something?

In Hungary, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gets egged by a student, literally.

In Russia, Gary Kasparov gets interrupted by a flying penis.  Bizarre.

Red Lasso – copyright infringement or Web 2.0 for bloggers?

May 21, 2008

News: Both Tech Crunch and Silicon Alley Insider have excellent posts about the startup site Red Lasso. Basically, Red Lasso acts as a free Tivo-like service for bloggers, to enable bloggers to search Red Lasso’s copied content from TV and radio and then create embeddable clips for blogs.

Analysis: One huge problem: Red Lasso has no copyright permission from the TV and radio networks to copy their shows for this service. By the reports, all that Red Lasso is doing is copying the shows on their own and then offering it to the public (though now in private beta version) to create embeddable clips. This kind of activity falls outside of the DMCA safe harbors, and Red Lasso will be very hard pressed to defend this as a fair use. All of the TV networks have their own websites to disseminate their own copyrighted content as they wish — typically with advertising.