Father of US soldier uses YouTube to expose barracks conditions

Link.  Video has received over 100,000 views and much media attention.


2 Responses to Father of US soldier uses YouTube to expose barracks conditions

  1. Heather says:

    People cant build these people a nice place to stay that fight for the rest of us. Iam only 21 but I know them goverment or anyone dont care about these soliders that are fighting. I hope alot more people see this american people will be very mad. That building should be rebuildt.

  2. JJ says:

    I truly understand this father’s anger to see the place that America provides for his son to come home to when his son gets done fighting for his country. But this has been going on for years. Look at what happend to our Vietman vets. My father was drafted into the Vietnam war at the age of 18. He was enlisted into the Army and when he came home after 18 months of fighting in the jungle he came back home luckily but with no benefits giving to him. He didn’t get to go to college for a lesser price, he didn’t get a large bonus for fighting for his country his reward was that he didn’t get killed in the jungles of vietnam and hopefully was helping this great country of the United States. I am sorry that those soliders have such crappy living conditions to come back to but that is the way this country has been treating it’s soldiers for years. I am so sick of people not being grateful for this wonderful country we live in. Greed is going to wreck it all. I feel sorry for the soldiers who are away from their families and their homes it must be awful but both of my grandfathers and like i said my father were all draftees in wars for this country and their wifes went 3 months without hearing from them. Only correspondence was by letter. I am not picking on the father that made this video. I want people to wake up and start being more thankful of the things they have and the people in their lives and maybe just maybe we all may get through all of this ok but if all this greed and selfishness keeps going we are all doomed.

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