New Obama video: “We are the ones”

10 Responses to New Obama video: “We are the ones”



  2. richard rosenstock says:

    Great video. Young people need to rise up and come out in even larger numbers and videos like this are motivators.

  3. dawn logreira says:

    Shame on about the so call Reverend remark.Most of this people in the videos are white, once Obama become president they will be trash as they are white no black. blind blind people.Obama is a wolf in lamb clothes

  4. Karen says:

    Did you listen to his speech? He is for our nation, one nation under God. He is not here to divide, but to bring together a splintered country. Read his books and educate yourself.

  5. vincent says:

    How can you be respondable for a Reverend speech. America has done so much to black people and not so long ago. Look at jail, public schools, private school, and jobs now the condiction that black live under. Most white hate, do not with them, and race is a big problem today in this country. Most T.V shows are still white and there are jobs that blacks can’t get today.

  6. Pat says:

    I wonder what the remarks would look like if Good Old Bill ……….. Clinton had been viewed attending religious outings with those right down to earth Christian folk of the KKK. I wonder if it would carry over into Hillary’s campaign for president. I guess some folks are just better con artists than others. By choice we make and maintain our friendships. Obama has made his and he should be judged accordingly.

  7. Linda CB Green says:

    I’m not surprise at FOXy are just desperate!. This is example on modern day lunching. God is not please with Fox or people that think like you. Most Americans were not born here but he was! The conservatives should be ashamed of themselves promoting racism. I consider her statement as a hate crime because it is not true and very damaging. She is ignorant. Obama has given ALL Americana hope from a country that has been mis-managed. I wonder how many generations her family have lived in America. I am ten generations strong. It is a hate messages about a good black man. There are many like him but good black men like Obama are not recognized in the media. So, stop hating if he can bring this country together,I for that. So, his race should not be an issue his character and intrigity speaks for itself, not just to me but millions of Americans of all nations! This is what makes our country so great! Obama makes this 57 year old woman proud to be an American!
    LCB Green

  8. Connie says:

    I am a 67 year old woman who enjoyed the video. I was active with the civil rights movement and feel the same enthusiasm I felt then when I see and hear the video.
    Though there has been much discussion about Rev. Wright recently all must remember
    that the Black Church has always been the root of civil and human rights. We marched for our rights through discussions of rebellion in the church. I once respected the Clintons, but I never intended on voting for Hillary Clinton when I hear Mr. Obama speck words of truth and hope. The video decribes who Obama is and what he is about. If Rev. Wright brought him to God, Rev. Wright did well. Go young people because I am behind you, pushing you forward as others pushed my generation.

  9. Leonard says:

    I think Barack Obama is a man that is ordained by God for this time and this season. It’s no accident that he has inspired this country to come together inspite of our differences. He reminds me of a modern day Martin Luther King Jr.; he will continue the journey from the mountain top.

  10. lori says:

    Nice rhythm to song, but it can apply to all candidates, not just Obama. Hillary and John also want one nation under God with unity between Americans of all faiths, races and genders. They also speak words of truth and hope. They also want this great country to move forward. Perhaps Obama is a more skillful rhetorical speaker than the other two candidates. However, I do not see him as the current future president. He should first stay in Congress and gain more experience and knowledge for the future of America and ways he can contribute to the improvement and then run in four years.

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