Hillary Clinton 2nd attack ad on Barack Obama

3 Responses to Hillary Clinton 2nd attack ad on Barack Obama

  1. roger leath says:

    as i hear from all the candidates i wait for what they will do for the american people why can they send billions to any foreign country but have to cut social services to americans ?wht are they actually planning as our president to do for u.s. citizens get out of iraq well i didn’t like the get out of v.n. as a vet i felt like they was trying to pretend it never happened cut the vets benifits and forget them as they did us?well i think we need a president for the people by the people namely the U.S.people i have colon cancer (sort of it was removed )i use the v.a. in birmingham as disabled it is a crime to be put down as we get less an less care and pay more co-pay i know the gas prices are put on bush as any one older knows we had fuel shortages in the 70s an high prices ;no the oil co has bankrolled washington for years to get their way i remember buying gasohol in 75 an it went away so as we vote please vote but not for a just a man or because its a woman or because he is black we will have to have real issues taken care of by the next president and i pray i never wish for the days of bush but again all in washington have oily hands .i say if they really wanted peace over there buy their guns or weapons.the past plans have not worked quit giving money to those that hate us i need a lot help me out if you need to send a million somewhere but if the foreign countries had the same crap to go thru to get finacial help as we (american’s)they may get a different result ,just my thinking buti see men waving guns an kids there and no respect so no money right?i hate to see people here with no help but a lot of programs but there money tax dollars are trown about like leaves it is disgusting so cut foreign aid till every home in new orleans is rebuilt (no colledges built either)and no food til we are fed and then maybe if it was hard to get our dollars would be more appreciated ,just a thought but i am just an everyday native american with no holiday but veteran’s day i love my country it is just that some of the people are bad…

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  3. ROBERT FITE says:


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