Gerald Green “Birthday cake” dunk

February 17, 2008

Gerald Green, last year’s slam dunk champ, was runner up this year.  He pulled out this amazing dunk on his 1st dunk — blowing out a candle while dunking — but only received 45 of 50 points.  Maybe the judges didn’t see that he actually blew out the candle.


Dwight Howard “Superman” slam dunk, Perfect 10

February 17, 2008

Below is the longer version:

Dwight Howard (who is over 7 foot tall) won the dunk competition yesterday night, pulling out some dunks that I have never seen before (and I’ve watched every competition except the ABA one won by Dr. J). The “Superman” dunk may have been the most original. If you watch, Howard literally throws the ball from high above the rim and into the basket. Not sure if he planned it that way, but it worked.

Hillary Clinton 2nd attack ad on Barack Obama

February 17, 2008