Google to provide free music downloads in China

News:  Wall St. Journal has another excellent article, this one about Google’s ramped-up efforts to overtake the No.1 search engine ( in China (which has 60% of the search market in China).  Baidu’s popularity in China comes from being a home-grown site, plus it allows its users to find unauthorized music files (can’t beat that).

So Google has teamed up with some in the music industry and the Chinese site to provide free music downloads in China. There’s some ad revenue-sharing business plan  hatched up, but it’s not clear exactly what it will entail.

Analysis:  In the past two weeks, a spate of news reports (e.g., disappointing earnings, stock price under 500, panicked reaction to Microsoft’s attempt to buy Yahoo!, slow ad revenue from YouTube) have made Google seem no longer the tech behemoth that it once was.  How quickly perception can change.


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