Hillary Clinton tears up — near crying — in New Hampshire

News:  Has Hillary Clinton really been reduced to tears? 

Analysis:  I don’t think this is a good strategy for her.  It looks desperate.  If it was spontaneous, her people need to give her a rest from the campaigning so she can look strong and energized.  If she believes in her cause, she should continue at least until February 5th, but stop trying to be who she’s not.


11 Responses to Hillary Clinton tears up — near crying — in New Hampshire

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  2. Matt says:

    An omen, almost like Howard Dean’s “yeah” scream and look what happened to him.

  3. Judy says:

    Hillary Clinton is running as the first woman candidate for President. So, what does the media want to talk about ? She is reduced to tears,,,give me a break. You gentleman know nothing about how a woman shows her passion for her beliefs.
    She showed her strength not her weakness in that moment and showed how much she cares. Here is a woman who has devoted her life to public office and to her country. The reason Hillary is the real change for President is because she will bring a woman’s perscpective to the Oval Office and that is the kind of change we really need along with her experience on tackling the hard issues and still coming out with her dignity in tact. That is the kind of woman I want to see as PRESIDENT of the USA. Obama is ripe for attacks from the Republican Party which he has no experience in tackling. Of course they want him as the Democratic Contender they know they can beat him he will be easy to use negative campaigns against.His lack of experience in foreign policy alone could be the last nail in our coffin with the European nations. We do not need someone on a learning curve for President in 2008. We desparately need someone who can get out there from day one and fix the damage Bush has done. Wake up people. Obama is the worst choice for our party we are playing into the Republican hands once again. When are we going to learn.

  4. Eva Rose says:

    I am Pleased (finally) to see a bit of Hillary peeking thru.
    I am in awe of Iowa who put confidence in a ‘black man’ and I am pleased to have lived long enough to see the possibility of a ‘women’ as next President.

    I now am holding the possibility we will loose interest in controlling and needing all resources of the world to be held in our name.

    I’m heartened by the change blowing in the wind.
    Maybe soon we will not feel the need to hide behind Canadian Mapple Leaf pins
    when traveling the world.

    And this my friends will be a good day.
    I like our choices this year.
    Yes, I’m glad to see Hillary peeking out!

  5. nick fish says:

    Everyone is getting the importance of this wrong. It was not a humanizing moment of emotion such as crying because the pound took away your puppy. No, this was the emotion of a woman with a deep love for our country and a broken heart over where it may head. Her passion for America is what touched so many people who saw her tears.

  6. GG says:

    Its Ok if Hillary break into tears. she’s tried so hard, she’s realizing its not working. But her true fruits are coming through, she doesnt know anything, she doesnt have any solid foundation, shes full of it. Those who cannot see this are ignorant to leadership. “Let me be specific” or let me be perfectly clear” but she never is !!
    She cant handle the pressure. Michelle Maulkin would be a better presidet than hillary ever thought of being.

  7. GG says:

    Hillary is not a women with emotins that show a deep love for this country. Get you head out of the sand. Lots of us have deep love for this country. If she has deep love for America then someone tell me why she wants to convert us over to socialism -theres goes the america you and i know, (Com’on dont you people see that), she politics by the direction of the wind. In fact they all do. The demoscrats and republican are both scewy. Its a matter of picking the lessor of the two evils. Most citizens (some illegals) vote staunch. It is up to us moderates who make the decision. My engineering research and aged wisdom turned my belief around that the most important issue the USA is facing is our shrinking dollar. It has made the biggest turn downward in the last decade or so than ever before. We buy too much from countries that dont return any benefits and not enough from those who help us because the consumer ( U and me) refuse to be selctive or refuse to buy certain products on our shelves. Without a strong global dollar we’re are going to lose everything that we stand for now. Our standard of living is sinking because politician will not address this issue because americans dont care to know anything about the issue. It affects all of our situations from healthcare, education, foriegn interest, trade, infrastructure, freedom, rights, appealing to the UN ( thanks bill ! ) -everything, Get Informed !

  8. dd says:

    hillary’s crocadial tears are as phony as a two dollar bill. what is she going to do if she is elected president when a real crisis happens, fall apart and get all emotionial?
    our country may someday be ready for a woman president, but now is not the time and hillary is definetly not the woman, besides we would again have that idiot husband of hers back in the white house. we’ve had the two for one once and we sure don’t need it again. what we need is a recoginised third party, an independent party and a strong
    canidate to lead us, none of the politians running are are fit to be president.

  9. GG says:

    Shes a loser !!
    We should require an IQ test with a passing score of at least 100 to be eligible to vote. Or maybe we should have the same IQ test before you declare candicy.

  10. Dee says:

    Amazing how twisted some people can get over an emotional expression. Aside from major issues she stands for, how about she represents how strong women are. She experienced the most common humiliation thrust a upon women, in the most public of arenas, and went on stronger than ever. Whether you agree with her decision or not, she really represents most women around the world than all these ankle biting “not my husband” “ladies”.

  11. Jackson says:

    Nothing expresses my reaction to Clinton’s teary Q&A than this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN4JeMMoGJI

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