Fox News focus group of New Hampshire undecideds: Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton

News:  Frank Luntz polled a focus group of undecided voters after yesterday’s presidential debate.  Overwhelmingly, the undecideds preferred Obama over Clinton after the debate.  Clinton came across as “dogmatic,” “defensive,” and almost “angry.”  People did not like her touting her husband’s record as her own.   Yet, while the people praised Obama, they didn’t seem to have many specifics about what he actually said.

Analysis:  I met Luntz a long time ago at Harvard.  He’s known as a Republican consultant and he was on Fox News, but I have no reason to question the focus group he ran yesterday on the Democratic debate.  But it’s probably good to take everything on TV these days with a grain of salt.  If the views aired by the focus group are reflective of other undecideds or independents, Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble in New Hampshire.

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