Clinton camp: Obama flip flops on single payer system

2003 Barack Obama

2007 Barack Obama


5 Responses to Clinton camp: Obama flip flops on single payer system

  1. Seth Robbins says:

    This is the kind of crap that FOX news tries to pull off all the time. They take a small clip that suits their twisted message, then they feed it out to the sheep that don’t take the time to find the same message in it’s full context. So these fools go on believing that this is really what Obama did, flip-flop on one issue. Well let me tell you the truth. He said he would like to see a single payer healthcare system but that is simply not viable at this point in time, but we have to start somewhere. He knows the system has to be adjusted incrementally until it can begin a transition period into a single payer healthcare system. That is why all of the top 3 democratic candidates plans are nearly identical. Except Obama’s plan won’t punish the poor people for being poor. We have the Edwards and Hillary healthcare plan at work here in Massachusetts… But it’s not working and it never will. No healthcare plan can be truly universal no matter how harsh the mandates penalties are. If people can’t afford the penalty or the healthcare fees, no matter how subsidized they are… then they eventually become criminals. That is really nice of Clinton and Edwards isn’t it? I wonder how they plan on punishing those that don’t buy into their plans and end up owing the healthcare system thousands of dollars when they don’t have that kind of money and most likely never will…

    What the Clinton’s are doing and have been doing is shameless. It is Karl Rove campaign tactics at its worst. Don’t believe me? Go look up the unedited versions of these videos and find out what Obama REALLY said in its full context. Then make up your mind. Don’t be fooled again, this is where we were in 2000 and 2004, do you really want to be one of those people that have to deny who they voted for because they are so embarrassed about being taken advantage of by a politician they trusted? That should be your first warning, when you think that you trust a politician, alarms should be going off telling you to double and triple check what they are saying from unbiased sources too.

  2. Sue says:

    He is completely misinformed. He doesn’t understand that single payer and universal are not the same thing. He shows his lack of experience here.

    Let’s get the emotional thinking and namecalling out of this debate and start focusing on Obama’s record and the facts.

  3. Quentin says:

    Why didnt they let the tape keep rolling, Because they dont want you to hear the rest.
    He’s always said if he was starting from scratch he would do asingle payer system but thats just not viable since most employers provide health insurance now. These people are dispicable and if she wins the nomination I know i’ll be praying for McCain because he’s the only repub that i can stomach over Billary, If not ill sit this one out.

  4. Obama not only is flip-flopping on the campaign funds, but he is flipping and a flopping all over the hot pan trying to find a cooler spot to land. Look at the handgun issue, he is for banning handguns but is now trying to ride the center fence to gain votes! He is one of the greatest liers of our time!

  5. Yermal says:

    By flip-flopping on issue after issue, Sen. Obama is showing he does not have firm convictions. He does not seem to have a clear agenda. He is behaving like any other politician while claiming himself to be a different kind of politician. Liberals feel betrayed. They think that he is an opportunist. He seems indecisive and not ready for prime time.

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