Roger Clemens denies steroids on YouTube

So instead of facing the media, Roger Clemens joined YouTube.  Read the comments.


4 Responses to Roger Clemens denies steroids on YouTube

  1. Lance Pharmstrong says:

    Hey look enybody, it’s:

    Lance Armstrong (cow blood, insulin and steroids)
    Marion Jones (EPO, steroids and hGH)
    Pete Rose (corked bats, gambling and steroid abuser)
    Doc Gooden (steroids, amphetmanines and druck driving)
    Josh Hancock (steroids and drunk driving death)
    Tony LaRussa (doper and drunken MLB mgr)
    Steve Howe (steroids, cocaine and drunk driving)
    Don Drysdale (steroids and drunk driving)
    Vida Blue (steroids, cocaine and drunk driving)
    Orlando Cepeda (meth injections, steroids and excess speed while driving)

    Roger Clemens is a classic drug cheat, and a bald faced liar. The media invented him to move products.

    The media still wants Clemens to sell product to the imbeciles who believe in hiim

    LIVE WRONG! Swoosh!

  2. It is a shame that here in America you are guilty untill proven innocent unless you are a child rapest and child killer.That is when you are innocent untill proven guilty. The state has to gather EVIDENCE that proves beyond any doubt that he is a child rapist and killer.They have showed no EVIDENCE that Roger Clemens did anything other than prove that he is one of the best pitchers in baseball history.There are probably many people that are jealous and would love to see him fall out of grace [that will not happen] he has shown himself to be a class act and will continue to be.

  3. Charlie Tro says:

    Smoke = Fire

  4. Anita May says:

    When did this country become a nation of snitches? I hate a snitch … they usually has some ulterior motive for telling outrageous stories that are only loosely based on the truth. Are there any other witnesses besides this bitter former trainer and former cop who had an ax to grind with Clemens? Ask any cop and they’ll tell you snitches are no good. Most snitches I’ve met are habitual liars and I think this witness against Clemens has his own agenda for personal gain. Continuing to persecute Clemens holds no advantage for our citizens, our children or our sports fans.

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