The power of Oprah + Obama on YouTube

News:  29,000 people flock to see Oprah and Barack Obama in South Carolina.  18,500 in Iowa.  Over 100,000 views now on YouTube in 2 days.  Is this the perfect storm for Hillary Clinton?

5 Responses to The power of Oprah + Obama on YouTube

  1. Cathy says:

    I’m sure all the “sheeple” will follow Oprah. The idiots that are her fans will vote for this guy, who is not even close to be qualified to the president of the US. Hmmm, you think it might be because he is black? Duh!

    Oprah, butt out. These celebrities who seem to think that their opinion should carry weight is almost as sickening as the stupid people who listen to them!

  2. Mary Wilson says:

    Can someone tell us what experience Hilary has.?
    Just by being married to a disgraced ex president is no qulification to run the country, unless, she was the president, while Bill was having sex with interns. The only reason they went to Yale because they could not get to Harvard.
    Obama is a self made man , Harvard law shool graduate, editor of the prestigious law review, with a new ideas.He knows exactely how the country should be run.
    Inborn talent is more important than the acquired ability. How Hillary will deal with muslim leaders who do not recognise women. It would be nice if Hillary could answer directly to any question and explain what she means by her experience..

  3. Carolyn says:

    I used to think Oprah was ok, but I think you have shown your true colors(not red-white-blue) now.
    People of the United States better do a lot of Obama research (instead of listening to Oprah) because I personally don’t want someone leading this country that is muslim and won’t recite the pledge of allegiance or show reverence to our flag! And I’m definetly not going to be reading the koran instead of the bible.
    What better way to desroy the US-from the inside out-at the highest level.
    Open your eyes people and look past the “charm” of both people.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am a 35 yr old white American who grew up in a muslim country. Before I was born, my parents, who were raised Christian, converted to Islam, so I was brought up to respect ALL religions. Obama is actually Christian. But WHO CARES?! So he spent some or his childhood in a muslim country. Wonderful! We need someone for president who posesses a WIDE heart and a BROAD perspective. It should be a prerequisite that any presidential candidate has an affinity for HUMANITY. Is not a president first and foremost a diplomat? I believe Obama gives us this hopeful message that we as Americans can one day be respected and liked again by other countries. As things are, everyone hates us, and that ‘s not a good feeling.

    It’s not about charm. Both Obama and Oprah have EARNED their respect. They are VERY hard workers, VERY compassionate and EXTRAORDINARY human beings. Why shouldn’t Oprah voice her convictions about Obama? She has about everything else? Go Oprah!

    OBAMA ’08!!

  5. will says:

    If you want to see funny animated skits with Oprah And Obama Go to

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