Are Republican presidential candidates more popular than Democrats on YouTube?

News: The CNN-YouTube debate for the presidential candidates this past week was surprisingly good — much better in my book than the first Democratic debate. From the first question in which Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney questioned each other’s toughness on illegal immigrants, the debate exposed very sharp differences between the Republican candidates.

Within less than a week, the videos from the Republican debate have generated hundreds of thousands of views — far more than the videos from Democratic debate (which have been on YouTube for four months). If you look below, the Republican debate videos dominated YouTube’s “Most Viewed” videos for the past few days.



Analysis: Bravo to CNN and Anderson Cooper. I criticized you soundly for botching the Democratic debate with gimmicks and favoritism. Much better this time around.  Some excellent questions and revelatory moments.  The number of views on YouTube confirm how good the debate was.

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