Teacher Cristina Mallon resigns after cheerleading routine on YouTube

News: Cristina Mallon, an English teacher and cheerleading coach at a high school in Gilbert, Arizona, has reportedly resigned. The cheer coach had showed her class a short routine in class. After video of the routine made its way on YouTube, the school put her on paid leave. She later returned to class, only to face criticism from a few parents for selecting the book Jake Reinvented for the class reading list.

Analysis: Unless I’m missing something, I think the school board should not accept her resignation, but should stand by her. The ultimate question is whether she is a good teacher. I haven’t heard any criticism of her abilities as a teacher, particularly not from any students or school administrators.  Had a male high school teacher performed a cheer in class, I doubt there would have been the same kind of response.

NOTE:  I would love to hear your reaction to this incident, so please comment.  Am I right, she should keep her job?

3 Responses to Teacher Cristina Mallon resigns after cheerleading routine on YouTube

  1. dolomite says:

    She can keep her job, just as long as she don’t go around doing it again. Even if she is a cheerleader, shaking her ass the way she did in class isn’t something that should be done in a classroom environment. Whats the purpose of it? To arouse her male students? Think very clearly about this. Had a male teacher perform something similar (and I mean similar to the movements that she did) then obviously there would be issues also. But a male cheer leader would more than likely not anyways becuase it just wouldn’t seem right in the first place…unless there something wrong with him.

    If so many people thinks its ok that she does these “performances”, would it be ok for the football coach who teaches Social Studies to tackle his students in class also?

  2. Ann Daily says:

    Are you kidding me ??This is incredible the teachers union in Arizona must be lame as heck…we would not tolerate this in Michigan the district would be in the fight of it’s life in the state.

  3. David says:

    Hmmmm…. Reminds me of the Van Halen music video, Hot for Teacher! If you watch the Van Halen video and then watch her video there are definitely similarities. 🙂

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