Oprah on YouTube: YouTube changed the world

News: Oprah started out the show today on YouTube with this pronouncement:

“You know, there are a few inventions that I think kind of rock the world. Wouldn’t you agree? The telephone would be in there, right? I think about that every time I dial. There’s just 7 digits, and then you’re talking to somebody. The light bulb would have to be there. And the airplane, of course, because most of you got here by airplane. Of course, the computer, look at how our world has changed since the computer.

“And then there are a couple guys in their twenties who launched YOUTUBE! … [APPPLAUSE] And then it just exploded, virtually exploded. This website allows anybody to post a video and become world famous instantly. Over 200 million–MILLION!–videos are watched on YouTube every single day.”

Analysis: The show today was pretty amazing, as was Oprah. Oprah definitely gets it. She really gets the incredible power of YouTube. She’s not a techie, but she is perhaps the most astute media celebrity/mogul around. As I’ve been saying to anyone who will listen, YouTube is, hands down, the most important website in the 21st century. It is revolutionary. And now Oprah is a part of the revolution.

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4 Responses to Oprah on YouTube: YouTube changed the world

  1. trextor says:

    I think she’s going to set some sort of record on YouTube. She started her account on November 1st. 5 days later, she has 17,000 subscribers! She’s averaging nearly 4000 subscribers a day. Unbelievable.

  2. Andrea Register says:

    Oprahs show on 1/2/08 was about Charise but also showed a video of a young boy singer that I think was on American Idol but I did not hear his name. Can anyone get me his name or let me know if there is somewhere to listen to his songs

  3. Natasha le Roux says:

    I am also looking for the name of the boy who was on Oprah (same show as Charise). Wow, couldn’t stop the tears from rolling! He is extremely talented and couldn’t believe how everyone’s jaws dropped when he opened his mouth. Incredible! Like Simon said : “You are much than you believe”. Was amazing.

  4. […] Chen is obviously, no longer in debt – as a matter of fact, is a recognized [overnight] multi-millionare.  He was named one of the “100 Most Influential People In The World” byTime Magazine and the 28th “Most Powerful Business Person” by the Industry Journal Business 2.0.  The lists goes on, but one more I must insist on mentioning: Chen was awarded a “Person of the Year” award at the Webbies, or the “Oscars” of the World Wide Web. Even Oprah had a say. […]

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