BuzzFeed gives “backdoor” into beta of Hulu website

October 31, 2007

News: While Hulu (the premium content site provided by NBC Universal and Fox) is in beta and open only to those invited, a site called BuzzFeed has found a way for everyone to look at the new Hulu site. Just go to BuzzFeed for the so-called “backdoor” to Hulu.

Analysis: The video quality — meaning the definition and clarity of the picture — is fantastic. Great job, NBC and Fox!! As I said several times before, this marks the beginning of the end of TV as we know it. The Internet will be taking over, soon.  (And no FCC regulations there.)

Halloween & YouTube

October 31, 2007

This was the first video I made on YouTube. It’s of a party I threw for my students, who took me up on my offer–or dare–to dress up in costume for Halloween. I didn’t fully appreciate the power and popularity of video until making this video. I understand now. Video is the new writing, and YouTube is the new printing press.

Thanks to my students for helping make this all happen!