Candidate for Prime Minister Kevid Rudd caught in “eary” moment on YouTube

October 25, 2007

News: Six months ago, Labour Party leader Kevin Rudd, who’s now running for Aussie Prime Minister, was caught on video cleaning wax from his ear — and then eating it! Eww, I know, that’s nasty. The guy surely should have known the cameras would catch him in the background because he was sitting in the legislature in full view of the cameras.

If you think that’s disgusting, Gordon Brown (now PM of the UK) was caught picking his nose several times, as was George Bush before he became president. The Telegraph UK has more on the story.

Terra Naomi launches Virtual Tour 2.0 on YouTube

October 25, 2007

News: Terra Naomi is opening for The Fray in the UK. She decided to give us a glimpse of her tour by posting a video every night. Here’s the first, with Terra and her band in her hotel room.

Analysis: Lovely!