Tech Crunch reviews the video industry: Is better than YouTube?

News:  The Tech Crunch blog has this excellent review of the key players in the online video industry, with a nice chart and thumb nails of the video players of each of the competitors (which if you click on will take you to the video).

Here’s one of the key findings:  “Out of all these alternative services, stands out as the most professional video sharing solution. The website and player are cleanly designed, they accept perhaps the widest range of file formats, they will automatically syndicate your videos to many other websites, and you can choose to place midroll, postroll, adjacent, and overlay advertisements in your uploads. Additionally, you can track your shows’ statistics quite closely and allow users to download your videos. I could go on and on about’s useful features. The only major bummer with is that you can’t seek ahead to points in a video using their Flash player.”

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