Female high school teacher suspended for “cheerleading” routine on YouTube

News: A female high school teacher in Gilbert, Arizona reportedly has been suspended (or placed on paid administrative leave) over a “cheerleading” routine she performed in front of her students. One of her students videotaped it on a cellphone and then posted it on YouTube. On YouTube, the teacher is described as a “humanities” teacher and cheerleading coach. (More) Her name is Christina Mallon, and she teaches at Williams Field High School.

Analysis: I haven’t visited a high school in a while, but it’s my understanding that cheerleaders in high school perform these kinds of somewhat provocative routines. I don’t know why the teacher would be performing this in class, though. Based on what I heard, a suspension seems like an overreaction. She’s the cheer coach.

UPDATE: One of her students explains what happened and defends his teacher: “She said she was nervous, she didn’t want to do it, but we just asked her if we could see the new cheer for the game and she did it,” 10th grader Chase Pruitt said. “It was nice there was nothing wrong with that.” (More)

For updated coverage, visit here.

Off topic, but check out this interview for Toobla:

27 Responses to Female high school teacher suspended for “cheerleading” routine on YouTube

  1. She can’t have been suspended for the content of the performance… that’s gotta be one of the tamest cheerleading routines I’ve seen in years.

  2. KennyCrane says:

    Nice blog! I’ve visited it several times. As for the cheering teacher, I think she did nothing wrong. It was Spirit Week and some students asked to see the new cheer. She is also the cheerleading coach. This incident, by itself, is nothing to get someone suspended over, in my opinion. Does anyone know who 21superman2169 (the video uploader) is? I’d love to interview them and put their story on my website, YouTubeStarsDOTcom.

  3. Nathaniel says:

    What exactly did she do wrong?The woman is the Cheer Leading teacher /coach for the school.If any out there think it was lewd, then you’ve got a screw loose and are likely been repressed a bit too much.I’m a conservative person, both politically and personally and saw nothing wrong with what she did.Perhaps the student who wsa using a cell phone camera during school hours ought to be sanctioned.Kds shouldn’t be allowed to take cell phones to classes to begin with.

    It’s school, not candid camera.

  4. jeremy says:

    I agree that kids shouldn’t be taking cells to classes. I am also very glad I made it through highschool without having to watch any of my teachers do a cheerleading routine. Perhaps she was suspended for wasting class time?

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  6. Ali says:

    i think there is nothing wrong with cheerleading i class. it was spirit week, and she was the cheerleading coach. if anything, i think the principal of the skewl should have just had a talk with her. nothing too serious. the thing i really don’t get is, wouldn’t the teacher have noticed the phone in class. i mean, he/she was right infront of her!!!!!!!

  7. Doug says:

    The teacher did asbsolutly nothing wrong. Kids are watching far worst on MTV.

  8. Nicole Phillips says:

    I think its stupid that she got suspended and may get her teachers liscence taken away. like everyone else has said…shes a cheer coach and has to do the routines herself for the cheerleaders and doesnt get into trouble for it. why cant she show her students when there gunna see it anyway? She didnt do anything wrong!

  9. Jane says:

    Thank you God I have the time and money to homeschool my children!! I bet my 3rd grader could outperform these poor students who have been subjected to such narcissism. No wonder our country tanks in academics when compared to others. I really feel sorry for this teacher; you can easily hear several of the students laughing at her. So glad tax dollars can provide them with such amusing entertainment.

  10. Half Ninja says:

    Who cares? This school should just be glad the cheerleading coach wasn’t SLEEPING with any of her students. All the problems we’ve seen in our schools the past few years massacres and statutory rapes, and they care that a Cheerleading Coach cheerled for 45 seconds?

    Are you kidding me?

  11. eyeoftherabbit says:

    I really don’t see anything wrong with this, and I wish the teacher the best of luck in her struggle with the school…

  12. Alex says:

    I’m an attorney and I’ll represent her in any court free of charge. Funny if we had another 911 would this be a story? What a slow news day and how pathetic people have nothing better to do than make this a story.

  13. Angie says:

    I am a 40 year old mother of two and I enjoyed watching something as refreshing as a teacher getting involved in spirit week. I hope the school board make the right decision and leave this woman alone. There are other things to think about in our school system than a teacher cheering for her school during spirit week. We need more spirit in our schools amongst the teacher. Right now they are thinking about metal detectors, kids selling drugs, sex and drinking parties and school shootings. We really need something like this in the news to give us a chuckle for a change. Thanks for the smile Ms. School Spirit and Good Luck.

  14. SS-Irma says:

    That is one of the most strange news I read today … come on, that shows how f…ked*-up America can be. 🙂 Sorry for the F word.

  15. Unknown says:

    I am a 20 year old female and about to graduate college with a degree in education. Each day I hear how difficult is will be since I am so young, but still this is what my calling is and I am determined to be a teacher. Being a young teacher is difficult, but when teachers get punished (nationally) for these sort of things, it makes it very difficult for the students or other teachers/other people to respect you. I do not feel that this women committed any crime and if anything she should have been talked to privately for the fact that she was not teaching class. I think that a teacher doing a cheer during spirit week is the least of our worries. If it would have been an older teacher doing the cheer would these same circumstances have taken place?

  16. Michelle W says:

    What the F*** was wrong with that? If she gets her teaching license taken away over something that inane, there is seriously something wrong there! Something else is going on, and the school needs to come forward with it and not blame it on a simple cheer in class from the cheer coach.

  17. Linda says:

    What a total waste of the precious school board time to mess with this obviously involved teacher. I am certain the kids in the class like this teacher and want to do well in her class. They also probably enjoy learning instead of not wanting to go!
    THEY NEED TO LEAVE HER ALONE AND PUT HER BACK WITH HER CLASS IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope the children and their parents really get behind her and support her on this!

    Best of luck Dancing Teacher!!!

  18. pammy5 says:

    Better question is what action was taken against the student for using a cell phone during class time. I’m bet the school has board policy against having your cell phone on during class time. Show me his suspension!!

  19. Stephanie says:

    Ok, I am a young female teacher and this lady is just stupid. When you’re in college the main thing professors stress to new teachers is PROFESSIONALISM. Especially in high school when your students are so close to your age, you have to act like a professional if you want their respect, or you won’t be able to teach them anything! Those kids were catcalling at her like she was a peer! Not to mention that her cheer had NO EDUCATIONAL value. I believe in bringing fun into the classroom, but it needs to have a purpose. Her administrators suspended her because she wasn’t doing her job.

  20. Kyler says:

    yeah…this was my teacher. it was spirit week and we weren’t doing anything in class and it was the day of the homecoming game so everyone told mrs. mallon to do the cheer. so she did. i don’t know who took the video i didn’t see them i think they got in trouble to.

    but as for you stephanie….yeah….she is like the best teacher ever….the stuff she teaches us is hard. there is another teacher that works with us in there…he is a complete ass and tries to be kool with everyone…he cusses in there….people think he’s kool….a lot of kids don’t pay attention when he teaches….but as for mrs. mallon…she awesome….we have 56 kids in that class and when she teaches it’s completely silent.

    so hopefully you read this.

    it’s horrible that she had to do this…..she just got MARRIED! JEEZE

  21. {0Zzah says:

    i fink its stupidn paffetic dat she got suspended coz she done a cheerleaders routine

  22. AzWicker says:

    “She said she was nervous, she didn’t want to do it”

    I like how a grown woman was peer pressured into doing the routine during class and her students sold her out and put it on you tube…

    Since when do they stop teaching during spirit week…

    The student who uploaded it couldn’t even spell humanities correctly, so she is not that great of a teacher…

    What an idiot

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  24. Jessica says:

    I think that she was suspened for no reason. The school honestly had no reason, she is a cheerleading coach, maybe she wanted to show her work

  25. smoove66 says:

    at least put the damn video back on…lol. and put the teacher back to to work, oh, and 1 more thing, hey Miss Mallon, you got it going on! hugs and kisses and best wishes

  26. […] has reportedly resigned.  The cheer coach has showed her class a short routine in class.  After video of the routine made its way on YouTube, the school put her on paid leave.  She later returned to class, only to face criticism from a few […]

  27. Tim says:

    Listen I live in the most liberal state in the nation. {Mass} There is nothing wrong with the video that I saw. If you ask me a bunch of parents who wish they were that popular now or when they were in high school are a little jealous and I think the school board should stand by her and don’t accept her resignment.
    Cristine , stand up and be proud. soooooo! what if there’s a little criticism.
    God bless.

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