Female high school teacher suspended for “cheerleading” routine on YouTube

October 7, 2007

News: A female high school teacher in Gilbert, Arizona reportedly has been suspended (or placed on paid administrative leave) over a “cheerleading” routine she performed in front of her students. One of her students videotaped it on a cellphone and then posted it on YouTube. On YouTube, the teacher is described as a “humanities” teacher and cheerleading coach. (More) Her name is Christina Mallon, and she teaches at Williams Field High School.

Analysis: I haven’t visited a high school in a while, but it’s my understanding that cheerleaders in high school perform these kinds of somewhat provocative routines. I don’t know why the teacher would be performing this in class, though. Based on what I heard, a suspension seems like an overreaction. She’s the cheer coach.

UPDATE: One of her students explains what happened and defends his teacher: “She said she was nervous, she didn’t want to do it, but we just asked her if we could see the new cheer for the game and she did it,” 10th grader Chase Pruitt said. “It was nice there was nothing wrong with that.” (More)

For updated coverage, visit here.

Off topic, but check out this interview for Toobla:

YouTube helps nonprofits: “Broadcast your cause”

October 7, 2007

News:  YouTube announced a new program this week for non-profit organizations (qualifying as 501(c)(3) organizations for tax purposes).  The special benefits for non-profits on YouTube includes:  the inclusion of videos within YouTube’s “Promoted videos”; increased uploading capabilities; and the option to fund raise through a Google “donate” button.  You can find more about the program on YouTube’s site.

Analysis:  Excellent idea.  Great job, YouTube.