Letterman interviews Paris Hilton, 2 million plus views on YouTube

October 2, 2007

News:  On Friday, David Letterman interviewed Paris Hilton.  Unfortunately, the interview went south when Letterman kept on asking Paris about her stint in prison.

Analysis:  I felt sorry for Paris, but she needs to learn how to laugh off or make fun of her time in jail.  She should have known that Letterman would ask questions about that.  Martha Stewart did a much better job in handling those kind of questions when she went on Letterman.

By the way, to appreciate just how large 2 million plus viewers is:  that’s more than half the average number of viewers Letterman gets.  If YouTube views were counted in the Nielsen ratings, Letterman would’ve easily beaten Jay Leno for that episode.  If CBS is smart, it would post Letterman clips on YouTube everyday. 

The YouTube International Film Festival

October 2, 2007

News: YouTube has teamed up with HP and Fox Searchlight to host a 2-7 minute video contest. To enter, you need to include 3 elements: (1) someone in a situation above her/his maturity level, (3) “shenanigans” used in the dialogue, and (3) one character must pass a photograph to another character.  (More)

Analysis: If I had time, I might even consider doing this. My digital short probably would be centered around a law school student.