Honey, I shrunk YouTube

September 27, 2007

News: Last night, YouTube performed some maintenance. The result today is that the thumbnails on YouTube are even smaller (or flatter) than before, with a new border thatc compresses the actual image. Take a look below for a comparison.

New thumbnails


Old thumbnails


Analysis: The new thumbnails look too small to me.

Congratulations, Terra Naomi

September 27, 2007

News:  Sorry, I’m a little late in reporting that Terra Naomi has officially released her debut album “Under the Influence” with Island Records in the UK.   If you have iTunes, you can flip your switch at the bottom to “United Kingdom” to buy the album because (for archaic reasons employed by music labels) it’s not yet available in the United States version of iTunes.

Analysis:  Awesome achievement.  From YouTube to a music label within a year.  Without a doubt, Terra Naomi is the most important musician to come from YouTube.  Her song “Not Sorry” is doing well on iTunes (and apparently on the radio in the UK).