Chef Gordon Ramsay on YouTube

News:  Acerbic British chef Gordon Ramsay (of Hell’s Kitchen) has a new show tonight (FOX, Wed. 9 p.m.) for the U.S. market called “Kitchen Nightmares.”  It’s based on a show he’s already marketed in the UK.  The basic premise is that Chef Ramsay goes into struggling restaurants and tries to whip (no pun intended) them into shape.

Analysis:  I saw the BBC version and loved it.  Ramsay could start his own consulting business for restaurants.


One Response to Chef Gordon Ramsay on YouTube

  1. Anita Heavener says:

    Hello Chef Ramsay…I can relate to everything you said in your video…I have worked in
    restaurants {small} off and on, for over 20 years now…I don’t think I have ever worked
    in one that things ran smooth for long…There are always nights from HELL and customers
    from HELL….starts out with just a few tables, all going well, then, out of nowhere, the place is packed and all HELL breaks Loose….and nothing runs as planned…Still, I find myself
    getting back into the job, {cook} even though I promised myself I would never go back to work in a restaurant again, but I find myself right back into the fire….Hang In There…

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