uTunes music Monday: Bobby Thompson, “Ireland”

News: I will be making a more concerted effort (no pun intended) to feature talented amateur musicians. I’ve been doing this already (in my posts called uTunes), but I will try to make it a regular Monday feature (maybe every other week, if not weekly). To be honest, it’s been hard to find a steady crop of talented singers on YouTube after Terra Naomi and Esmee. I will keep trying, though.

Today’s featured artist is Bobby Thompson. He just joined YouTube and just posted his original song, “Ireland.”

Analysis: So far, male amateur artists have not hit it as big from YouTube as the women. I like the tone of this guy’s voice. Very clear, and a catchy, lyrical tune.

2 Responses to uTunes music Monday: Bobby Thompson, “Ireland”

  1. radek says:

    hey men, did you know many people hit your website because of my clint’s name is same as yours? Bobby Thomson? did you know he his “homerun” was considered the most famous homerun in history of the baseball sport? I am his personal trainer … his is turning 85 in 10days….just letting you know how furtunate you are with your name 🙂 … NO offence, you are doing great job with your work!!! but when people goodle Bobby Thompson thy are most likely looking for basaball… (it suks I know 🙂
    good luck to you!! Radek

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