Happy anniversary to The Utube Blog

September 14, 2007

To my dear readers,

One year ago, I began this blog. A number of people have asked me then and now why blog about YouTube, as if I were nuts. One common response I give to people is that so I can watch YouTube videos at work (just in case if the Dean pops into my office). But the real reason is for my own scholarship: I write about copyright cases, especially ones involving the Internet (see here for a sample).

Something unexpected, though, happened along the way. The copyright lawsuits I thought would be filed against YouTube weren’t filed — at least not until March 2007 and later. Meanwhile, I discovered something else on YouTube — a whole slew of amazing videos created by amateur singers, actors, comedians, artists, commentators, teenagers, eighty-year-olds, you name it.

Today, I am absolutely convinced that YouTube is the most important website to come along in the 21st century. I don’t think the question is even close. Because of YouTube, it no longer takes imagination to see how the Internet will become a predominant, if not the predominant, media vehicle for entertainment. Goodbye, regular tube–hello, YouTube. It will be very interesting to see, though, how all the copyright lawsuits against YouTube shake out this year.

Before I go, I wanted to thank everyone who’s visited my site. There have been a few truly special days when The Utube Blog has cracked the Top 10 — and even Top 5 — Most Visited blogs of the over 1 million blogs on WordPress. I am especially thankful for all the comments and emails I received; I learned a lot from them. And, of course, I have to thank the YouTube community for sharing their incredible and often inspiring works. In the coming year, I hope to announce even bigger and better news. For now, I will leave you with following message (borrowed from someone else’s video below).