I’m elated

September 5, 2007

News:   Here’s why. Sorry, this is not about YouTube. This is about a pro bono case I started working on over six years ago at the Stanford Center for Internet & Society, Golan v. Gonzales, which was just decided by the 10th Circuit on appeal.

As lead counsel and Stanford Law professor Larry Lessig describes in detail, this is a major victory for the First Amendment as it bears on copyright law. The fight is not over yet, but this is an important first step.

You can read more about the Golan case from Chris Sprigman (also an important lawyer who worked on the case, now teaching at Virginia Law School) here; from Howard Bashman of How Appealing here; and even a post from William Patry at the Patry Blog (though he confesses he once “had thought [the argument] made no sense at all”).