YouTube shuts down InVideo pop-up ads in YouTube videos

News: As far as I can tell, YouTube has shut down the InVideo pop-up ads that it started deploying back in July. I can’t find the pop-up ads anymore on the partner YouTube videos that first had the ads, such as LisaNova, Smosh, and My Chemical Romance.

Analysis: There are several possibilities about what YouTube is doing: (A) YouTube’s rethinking/reworking the ads in light of YouTubers’ mostly negative comments submitted on YouTube’s blog; (B) YouTube’s afraid of VideoEgg, which claims to have developed the ad technology first and applied for a patent on it; and (C) YouTube’s just gearing up for a full deployment of InVideo ads (the earlier ones were a test run).

I think the correct answer is probably (C).

Meanwhile, a Google rep is quoted in papers today touting the success “hit rate” of the InVideo ads, which get “between five and 10 times as many” clicks “compared with the number who view regular display ads — banners or boxes on Web pages.” (More)

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