So who’s on YouTube?: Vanessa Hudgens

August 26, 2007

Star of “High School Musical” 1 + 2.  This video has close to 5 million views.

Miss South Carolina, really, really stumped by question in Teen USA

August 26, 2007

News: This viral video is nearing the 1 million mark — in 1 day.

Analysis: Is the question more stupid than the answer? I know, it’s hard to defend someone saying there are not enough maps in America. Maybe Miss South Carolina should have said: “I don’t think it’s really a problem because, nowadays, people use Google Earth or Mapquest.” That would’ve been hilarious.

UPDATE: If you want to read the text of her answer, click on the Comment below. If you need subtitles, watch the video below.

UPDATE 2.0:  I have a further update posted here.  I don’t think Miss South Carolina needs any sympathy — she’ll come out quite well from this entire episode.  She should hire an agent because she’s extremely marketable right now.