Too many boobs on YouTube?

News:  There’s a growing controversy on YouTube.  And, yes, it involves boobs.  To get more viewers to their videos, a number of people insert a screenshot of women’s scantily clad breasts (or behinds, for that matter) into their video — strategicially placed to be the still shot or thumb nail pic you see on screen for the video on YouTube.  You’ll find a few examples of this practice from “nogoodtv” or “hotforwords.”  (There’s not supposed to be any nudity in these videos on YouTube, but I haven’t checked through them.)

In the video above, Paperlillies criticizes YouTube for partnering up with people who do this in their revenue-sharing program.

Off topic, but check out this restaurant review:

3 Responses to Too many boobs on YouTube?

  1. anon says:

    You’re wrong about this controversy. The issue began with sxephil, a partner, posting an image with boobs for his “big boobs” video.

    Then Blunty, another partner, posted two videos with boobs in the middle and another, “cock in the sock”.

    Sxephil’s video was indeed talking about boobs and was warrented.

    Blunty’s videos were deceiving and YouTube eventually pulled down “cock in the sock”. However, Blunty made these videos to show how deceptive videos with a boobs thumbnail can game YouTube. And he successfully got people talking about it and had a chat with the YouTube staff about it (watch his latest video). Also, he went back and changed the thumbnails on his previous photos since his mission was accomplished.

    Paperlillies kind of just thought these partners were abusing the system. In doing so, she also brought attention to the matter.

    And before you accuse hotforwords and nogoodtv of anything, you should click through and watch their videos. Hotforwords is a philologist and her videos feature her in a sexy outfit discussing the orgin of words. Nogoodtv typically has music videos no worse than MTV. In both these cases, the videos are not deceiving their viewers.

  2. utubeblog says:

    Thanks, anon. I’ve reviewed the video again and stand by my description. Paperlillies is also talking about the general practice — which she says has been going on for a long time — of intentionally inserting a provocative screen shot of boobs into a video in order to generate more views. And I don’t think I accused hotforwords and nogoodtv of anything other than engaging in this practice. If you look at their video still shots that I link to, the still shots of a lot of cleavage of fronts and somtimes behinds speak for themselves.

  3. […] Often the most popular videos each day have still shots of women’s breasts. (See here and here) It’s hard for other YouTubers to get their videos watched if the women’s cleavage […]

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