The Utube Blog study: Who’s the most popular presidential candidate on YouTube?

I will have the answer soon.

3 Responses to The Utube Blog study: Who’s the most popular presidential candidate on YouTube?

  1. let me see you said most popular, is that based on sex, or popularity on looks, what ever happen to issue. We may thiink that its dual or maybe we don’t want to discuss the issue

    such as illegal aliens

    border security

    good paying jobs

    homeless people

    the problems that are going on east asia

    do you think doing nothing that the problem is going to go away

    what I see from our choices it scares me, because we are waiting for a disater to happen in order for us to react. Let the Politician debate the issue and then allow us the people to determine whom we want as Leaders of This country. I would like to hear from the politician themselves rather reading from a transcript that may be true. And please media stop analyzing and allow us the people to do the analyzing. We don’t need any spin from any media who have their own agenda. Thjose of you who have lots of money and you have nothing better to do spend some of your wealth on the homeless. After all most of you got your money from the people weather they were homeless or not. Again I could go on but enough is enough, at this time I don’t no what politician I trust. I won’t bring up names of politicians but you know from the 60’s to the present day and this deals with both parties. And you want to know who smiles nice, or maybe you perfer one gender over another, I don’t think these are real issues. Being a leader sometimes require tough decision, and again I just don’t see any politician thats running for office creditable You have a good day Just ignoring these problems will not make them go away the homeless is just as important as the illegal’s or whats going on in the middle east

  2. big ross w. says:

    It seems every day we’re forced to settle. Well, I’m tired of settling. McCain is a liberal and a traitor to his own party, but Republicans continue to raise him up despite the fact that there is a great alternative. I’m tired of being told it’s impossible because it’s not. Huckabee can win, and I refuse to vote for a man who has no morals and whose only goals is to fight a war that we’ve already won for a hundred more years. I still believe God has an influence on the world, and I still believe in Mike Huckabee because he still believes in the good in people. If you still believe in miracles, don’t lose faith. Find it. One man can’t change the world, but a few good men can really shake the world up a bit. So, if you’re not ready to give up or say it’s impossible or who am i to move a mountain, then fight for mike huckabee because he’s still fighting for this country to keep the words “under God” in its pledge of allegiance. He’s still trying to save a party that used to be conservative. He’s still fighting to create a fair world with the fair tax. And most importantly, he’s still fighting for you and me

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