Veoh sues Universal Music

August 9, 2007

News:  Online video site Veoh (a YouTube wannabe) just sued Universal Music, seeking a declaratory judgment that Veoh hasn’t committed copyright infringement and falls within the DMCA safe harbor.  Apparently, Veoh anticipated being sued by Universal, so Veoh did it first.  (More from Tech Crunch)

YouTube gives “You Choose” a facelift

August 9, 2007

News: YouTube just redesigned the web page for its “You Choose ’08” feature for the presidential candidates. All the candidates now fit on one page, ordered by party, and there’s an “Introduction” video that a viewer can click for each candidate.


Analysis: What took YouTube this long? The major fault with the old page was that all the candidates were thrown on in random order (that changed randomly) and not by party. The candidates under the old way didn’t fit on one page, so a couple candidates were stuck on page 2, which you may not necessarily have known. The new page is much improved.

Blockbuster buys Movielink to enter movie downloading market

August 9, 2007

News:  The online market for movie downloads is just in its infancy.  Blockbuster just acquired Movielink to position itself in this emerging market and compete with the likes of Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and WalMart.  (More)