The Bourne Ultimatum on YouTube

August 7, 2007

Analysis: good movie. Al Finney, who was the good lawyer in Erin Brockovich, was tremendously convincing in his ghoulish role here. But I couldn’t believe it was him because I thought he died a few years ago. It turns out that the real lawyer, Edward Masry, died, not the actor.  The actor from the “Crying Game” also has a small role, as you can see in this video:

More companies join class action suit against YouTube

August 7, 2007

News:  The English Premier (soccer) League’s class action suit with Bourne Publisher against YouTube for alleged copyright infringement is heating up.  Here are several more companies that have joined the suit against YouTube (as reported here):

1.  The Rugby Football League

2.  The Finnish Football League

3.  National Music Publishers’ Association

4.  boxing promoters Knockout Entertainment Limited ( and Seminole Warriors Boxing

5.  France’s top football league and its national tennis organisation (the Federation Francaise de Tennis and Ligue de Football Professionnel)

A YouTube spokesperson said:  “We are disappointed with this lawsuit, as we have great partnerships with the Premier League’s own Chelsea FC, as well as major football clubs such as Barcelona FC, AC Milan, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, who understand the benefit of using YouTube as another way to communicate with their fans.”

The state of the streaming video market

August 7, 2007

News: NYT has an excellent article discussing the growth of streaming video sites. Although you might not realize it, YouTube is a downloading video site (with the video progressively downloaded onto your computer). Streaming video, by contrast, leaves no file on your computer. Here’s a flavor:

“However, the potential of new streaming video services — fast, full screen and in sharp resolution — is unleashing a torrent of movies and television shows, much of it aimed at narrowly defined audiences that can’t find niche programming even on cable systems with 500 or more channels.

“The Independent Film Channel is streaming 22 short films called ‘Trapped in the Closet’ by the R&B recording artist R. Kelly. The Jewish Television Network, a nonprofit television production and distribution company, is streaming music videos by Jewish performers, cooking shows and Israeli news programs. * * *

“ReelTime, based in Seattle, digitally distributes thousands of movies and television shows to customers who either rent titles for 99 cents each or subscribe to the service for $4.99 a month to $19.99 for six months.”

Analysis: Stream me up, Scotty.