Ron Paul makes The Economist and in Spotlight on YouTube

August 2, 2007

News: YouTube sensation and presidential candidate Ron Paul was featured in an article in The Economist, provocatively titled: “Paul the Apostate: Is this would-be president brave or crazy?” The article reveals that Ron Paul has more money on hand than John McCain and has increased his numbers in the polls from 1% to 3% of the Republican voters.

This week, Paul is also in the YouTube Spotlight.  Here’s his video:

For the candidate who’s the most popular on YouTube, I think he needs to have his people buy a better camera, with a sharper picture.

Video of the Minnesota bridge collapse on YouTube

August 2, 2007

News: The Minnesota Department of Transportation just released video of the collapse of the bridge as it happened. You can see it on the NYT blog and on YouTube. At least 4 deaths have been reported, with many more people still missing (from NPR).

UPDATE:  here’s video of the bridge after the collapse.

Priest in Australia has tirade against skateboarders on YouTube

August 2, 2007

News: Reverend Monsignor Geoff Baron, dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, Australia, was put on leave by Archbishop Denis Hart, following Baron’s complete meltdown with teenage skateboarders on church property. The kids egged the priest on with their insults and conduct, and then the priest completely lost it, launching into a tirade filled with expletives and even racist comments against one Asian boy. (More here)

Viewer discretion advised: The video is very disturbing and filled with some bad language (not to mention behavior). The teenagers were wrong for some of the things they said and for not leaving or respecting the property. But the priest was totally out of line and should be publicly reprimanded by the Church–“indefinite leave” is meaningless unless the Church says what he did was wrong. For him to say the things he did and even make fun of the “foreigner” Asian boy’s eyes was absolutely beyond the pale.

Season 1 of Lonelygirl15 in seven minutes

August 2, 2007

Analysis: Fantastic. The film editing is getting pretty slick.  And I finally understand what’s going on.  This series is better than the karaoke crap playing now on TV.