Republican CNN/YouTube debate postponed

July 28, 2007

News: After front-runner Rudy Giuliani said he had a scheduling conflict and Mitt Romney said he might not go, the CNN-YouTube debate on September 17 for the Republican presidential candidates in Florida apparently has been postponed.

Analysis: Let’s hope Giuliani and Romney can clear their schedules. Let’s hope that this doesn’t mean it’s cancelled.

If you Google Ron Paul

July 28, 2007

News: More video of Ron Paul’s visit to Google on July 13. Looks like Dr. Paul blew away the crowd. It’s still hard to believe that Ron Paul is the most exciting candidate of all the candidates so far.  At least on the Internet and YouTube, Ron Paul is a rock star.

I promise to have my study of the Ron Paul YouTube phenomenon soon.

Esmee Denters becomes No.1 female artist on YouTube

July 28, 2007

News: It just happened a few minutes ago. Esmee Denters overtook Mia Rose for the No.1 Most Subscribed Musician on YouTube, 67,874 subscriptions versus 67,861. Esmee also is the No.1 Most Viewed female artist on YouTube (close to 41 million views) and 3rd Most Viewed overall musician — next to My Chemical Romance (over 65 million views) and the entire Warner Brothers Records label (over 48 million views).