CNN-YouTube debate available for downloading

July 26, 2007

News:  CNN has posted the debate online for viewing and downloading.  YouTube also has the debate up on its site.

We’re living in the video world

July 26, 2007

News:  Pew Internet just released its report about video use on the Internet.  The results are eye-popping.

76% of Internet users between 18-29 watch online videos, and 57% of all adult Internet users.

49% of users between 18-29 watch videos on YouTube (compared to 15% for MySpace).

The most surprising stat to me:  62% of adult Internet users say they prefer “professional” videos over “amateur” ones; 19% prefer amateur; and 11% enjoy both equally.  For young adult men, the numbers are much more evenly distributed (which may explain why I’m surprised!). 

Another interesting stat:  57% of people polled watched videos online with others and shared links of videos with others.  73% of 18-29 year olds have watched with others and 66% have shared links with others.  The linking phenomenon helps explain how videos go viral.

Internal pop-up ads invade YouTube videos

July 26, 2007

News: I’ve already reported about this once before, but I’m getting a clearer picture of what’s going on. YouTube is deploying slick, internal pop-up ads that surface at the bottom of the screen in the videos of its most popular partners. I’ve seen ads for The Simpsons and Bourne Ultimatum. You can tell where the ad comes if you look at the red bar on the video player and see a yellow line. The ads are only visible on YouTube, not on embeds, so you have to click on the links below. If you click on the ad while the video is playing, you’ll be redirected to a slick internal video for the ad.

My Chemical Romance, “Teenagers.”



Analysis: It’s clear to me now how YouTube will turn a profit. If you don’t, just look below.


After you click on the bottom ad, you get to the internal video: