Ron Paul rocks Google + YouTube

July 25, 2007

News:  Ron Paul did an interview at Google last week.  He was the 5th candidate so far to be invited to @Google Talks–following John Edwards, Bill Richardson, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton.  So guess which candidate’s interview has the most views on YouTube today?  Well, after only 1 week of being up (while the other candidates have been up for 1 month or longer), Ron Paul has killed the competition.  He’s over 111,000 views–Hillary, Edwards, McCain, and Richardson don’t even come close, combined!

Analysis:  I will soon publish a study showing the Ron Paul phenomenon on YouTube.  He’s the most popular candidate on YouTube, of all the candidates, Democrat or Republican.  It’s very hard to explain.

Ustream–the live YouTube?

July 25, 2007

News:  Tech Crunch has an extensive review of the live video site Ustream.  The basic idea is to have video streaming live, so you can watch in real time.  It’s supposed to allow interactivity with chat and a feature that allows the viewer to “shout” by clicking on a button, indicating a favorable response.  It’s still in beta, so some bugs need to be worked out.

Analysis:  I’m not sure how important it is to have live video.  Maybe for a video conference or one of those sleezy sex cams, but I think part of the whole appeal of YouTube is that it’s asynchronous–users decide when they want to watch on their own time.     

Facebook lures away YouTube CFO Gideon Yu

July 25, 2007

News:  Social networking site Facebook just announced that Gideon Yu will become its new Chief Financial Officer replacing Michael Sheridan.  Yu went to Stanford undergrad and got an MBA from Harvard.  He worked as treasurer at Yahoo.  (More)

Analysis: Facebook is pretty hot right now, rumored to be preparing for an IPO or purchase by some other company.  After seeing through YouTube’s acquisition by Google, Yu probably needed more excitement.