YouTubers blast CNN, Anderson Cooper over presidential debate

News:  I guess I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed in yesterday’s presidential debate co-sponsored by CNN and YouTube.  Just read all the negative comments on YouTube.

Here are just a few:

1.  “The worse thing that ever happened to CNN was when Ted Turner sold out to Time Warner. This was no debate. The questions were good, but Cooper/CNN did an injustice to the YTubers by marginalizing some candidates. This top tier/bottom tier labeling by the media hurts the discussion the public wants. It’s the public that decides who is the top candidate, not the media. CNN should stay out of the debates if it can’t do better.”

2.  “There was not equal time given to all, the only candidate who in my opinion spoke the truth (Sen. Gravel) was given very little time, Anderson Cooper,was as bad as Wolf Blitzer”

3.  “There was a CNN debate? You call that a debate. What ideas did we hear. On top of that, you did a great job of putting Mike Gravel in the corner and only asking him to respond on questions that were asked to him. Bias, no there is no bias. I bet $1,000,000 that Ron Paul will be on the end, who wants to bet against me??? ”

4.  “Why did CNN / YouTube bother to invite the other candidates? It seems the powers that be have made the decision for us.  Clinton, Edwards, and Obama keep preaching how things will change. But since the 2006 election all we have had is a lot of hot air, submision to Bush demands, and blaming the Republicans. Why should we trust either side?
Isn’t it time the independent parties put aside their differences and form a coalition. This may be the only way the people’s voice will ever be heard.”

5.  “Extremely disappointing!! It was a frikken Hillary-Obama show, the questions were obviously filtered and very weak reruns, so called non top-tier candidates get setup questions,, What else can I say?

Candidate, total exchanges, total words, average words per exchange:
Obama, 14, 2050, 146
Clinton, 12, 1794, 150
Edwards, 12, 1661, 138
Biden, 7, 1019, 146
Rich., 7, 910, 130
Dodd, 8, 1645, 206
Kucinich, 7, 985, 141
Gravel, 7, 580, 83”

6.  “We were VERY disappointed in the YouTube debate because, for the most part, the same old questions were asked for the most part. The war, education, Dafur and health care. There were several questions that were submitted to YouTube that have never been asked to a candidate in any debate, yet these questions were not chosen by CNN.”

7.  “Could have been so much better”

3 Responses to YouTubers blast CNN, Anderson Cooper over presidential debate

  1. CHISEN says:


  2. Aquari says:

    Uh… Maybe if the media gave the other candidates a chance to present their views, instead of ignoring them, those candidates might be in the top 3? DUH

    The old line media just doesn’t get it–and neither do you.

    BTW, you’re not the only person on the planet, but you sure are the model demographic for the CNNs of the world. You like whatever they dish out at you.

  3. This writer really enjoyed the format of the debate. the big winners in the debate were those who submitted questions. This was probably as close to a direct democracy where debates are concerned. The problem still exists, in that, CNN picked the questions to be presented to the Candidates. It would have been better for the questions to be chosen by ordinary citizens.

    Here our my observations and analysis of the Debate.

    The question whether Obama is Black enough: With the Secret Service watching over Obama at Tax Payer Expense, when did Senator
    Obama try to hail a cab in New York? I would like the date and time on that one.

    The Statement by Governor Richardson that, we need to help Africa and Areas that are not part of our own defense and need. I am amazed that Governor Richardson isn’t aware that, under a Republican president, aid to Africa has quadrupled from President Clinton’s administration. Further AIDS funding is now at 15 Billion Dollars, substantially Higher then the entire 8 years that a Democratic president was in the oval office.

    Again, Governor Richardson stated that Republicans suppress minority voters. I would like to know the exact information he has access to that states that there have been any convictions of any republicans suppressing minority voters. Tee only evidence of minority voter fraud is the organization that where caught registering multiple voters in households as democrats that didn’t exist. I know that Democrats are for animal and child rights, but to grant dogs, cats, and seven year old girls the right to vote is going a bit to far. The writer is sure that Dogs would be Republicans and cats Democrats.

    Senator Clinton stated that she won’t take an increase in pay until the minimum wage is increased. Senator Clinton can now take that pay increase as the minimum wage was increased TODAY.

    Senator Biden stated that it would take a full year to get our troops out of IRAQ. How does he know? The Pentagon doesn’t even have a good estimate of the time frame to remove troops from Iraq.

    Then the statement that under a Dodd administration stems cell research will be legal. Senator Dodd is aware that private stem cell research is legal and is actively being pursued by private funding.

    The writer now wonders if Ann Coulter was right, when Senator Edwards looked toward Senator Clinton and said he really didn’t like the coat she was wearing. Is Senator Edwards gay after all? What guy looks at a woman and says he didn’t like her coat. Where I come from, the right answer is always, ” you look wonderful in that outfit.”

    I am hopeful that during the Republican debate, the candidates are more accurate in their answers to the questions. I further am hopeful that, moderator Anderson Cooper will call the candidates on the facts. I would like to give Kudos to YouTube, CNN, The Citadel, and the Democratic Party of South Carolina for putting on a class act debate. With a few minor adjustments, debates as we knew them, are gone forever.

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