New Taylor Swift song “Fearless” on YouTube

Taylor Swift is only 17, but she’s already had a Platinum album.  Her two most famous songs are “Tim McGraw” and “Picture to Burn.”  Here’s a new song that debuted on YouTube.

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9 Responses to New Taylor Swift song “Fearless” on YouTube

  1. ali b says:

    taylor swift is so awesome.
    she can sing like that yet still be nice and normal?
    people should look up to her i sure do :]

  2. Jackie says:

    Taylor Swift was just named one of the top 5 country girls on kiwibox. awesome! check it out for yourself

  3. taylor says:

    oh my gosh, that was awesome, so cute.

    when is her album coming out?

  4. stephanie says:

    Taylor, the answer to that question is on her next album next year around this same time.

  5. stephanie says:

    O, and btw Taylor… So good, it’s an awsome song and I hope that u get to experience that date. U know some day I am gonna’ sing with you. No dout. Always ur friend ( not just fan ) Luv Ya!


  6. nicole loves taylor swift forever. says:

    i love love loveeeee the song.
    man shes just all around nice and beautiful and can sing.
    hopefully ill be openeing up for her concert one day. love the song.

  7. brad says:

    ha taylor you my favrityst singer love Brad

  8. beautiful singing voice and beautiful face now that is a perfect combination. Taylor Swift must have been the luckiest girl on earth.

  9. ella louise says:

    fearless is the best song ever

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