Terra Naomi performed “Say It’s Possible” at Live Earth

July 10, 2007

News: Over the weekend, Terra Naomi was one of the artists who performed at a sold-out show of over 70,000 at Wembley Stadium for the Live Earth concert to bring awareness to global warming. Terra wrote her song “Say It’s Possible” after seeing Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth.” Video here.

Terra writes about the experience on her blog:

“it was not until i stood on stage watching corinne bailey ray’s performance that i started to calm down. i don’t know what happened, but i suddenly lost all fear and was filled with a sense of peace. i looked out from behind the curtain and the stadium suddenly appeared much smaller. less intimidating. by the time i walked out onto the stage to play my song, i felt completely safe and calm and happy. i looked out into the crowd and felt completely at ease.

“it was the most incredible performance experience of my entire life.”