So who’s on YouTube?: Jet Li

July 9, 2007

Jet Li’s YouTube channel is here.

Why is YouTube’s AudioSwap program so poor?

July 9, 2007

In March, YouTube launched a free service called AudioSwap.  As a part of its licensing deals with the music labels, YouTube was able to get the labels to offer some recordings for everyone to use in their videos as background music.  In the past, many YouTube users simply did so with copyrighted songs, but (presumably) without permission.

This program for “synch” licensed music is a great idea.  But, after three months, the program is languishing.  Basically, I see two problems.  First, the number of songs offered on YouTube is very small, almost embarrassingly so for a site that receives 70,000 video uploads a day.  To take an example, in the pop song category, YouTube’s program only has 6 artists.  That’s it. 

Second, YouTube’s audio replaces all other audio on a video.  You can’t do a voice-over and you can’t keep the original sounds from the video that you took.  Most editing programs allow you to synch music while preserving the video’s original sounds. 

Hopefully, YouTube will fix these problems.  At least the second one is something that is totally within YouTube’s control.  Users probably could tolerate limited song selection, but if the editing tools are worse than what everyone else is already using, I don’t see the program going anywhere. 

Esmee Denters waking up on YouTube

July 9, 2007

She’s out on tour with Justin Timberlake.  Their video together just went over the 6 million mark (in about 38 days).